equine clicker training

using precision and positive reinforcement to teach horses and people


I started clicker training horses in 1999 and am still as fascinated by it now as I was when I began. I love to see horses think and become engaged in the things we do together.   Clicker training taught me about the importance of understanding how animals learn and how our teaching methods affect our relationship with them and the quality of the work.  My goal is to share this information with other people so that they can learn to clicker train too.

These days my main focus is on riding my mare Rosie who is learning to do upper level dressage. I also enjoy in-hand work and riding out. I’ve been working with Alexandra Kurland as one of the coaches for her on-line class and with Kay Laurence as an assistant for her on-line course TAKL. I became a certified Masterson Method Practitioner in 2014 so now I also do bodywork. I love the connection that can develop when a horse’s mental and physical well-being are both being addressed, and find that clicker training is a nice bridge between bodywork, groundwork and riding.

This blog is a companion to my website http://www.equineclickertraining.com and my facebook page Equine Clicker Training – Katie Bartlett.  They all provide resources for people interested in using clicker training with their horses.


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