equine clicker training

using precision and positive reinforcement to teach horses and people


Blogs: They are listed in reverse chronological order (newest on top). Note that ASAT is the Art and Science of Training Conference (www.artandscienceoftraining.org)

I’ve also grouped the blogs into categories. You can find that list here.

ASAT Conference 2020: Alexandra Kurland – Shaping on a point of contact

ASAT Conference 2020: Barbara Heidenreich: Exotic animal training: The constructional approach to addressing extreme fear and aggressive behavior

ASAT Conference 2020: Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz – C.A.T. Rules

ASAT Conference 2020: Dr. Joe Layng – Coercion without aversive stimuli

ASAT 2020: Dr. Paul Neuman and Dr. Philip Hineline – What the textbooks don’t tell you about negative reinforcement.

What can I train? E is for …

What can I train? D is for …

What can I train? C is for …

What can I train? B is for …

What can I train? A is for …

Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 6)

Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 5)

Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 4)

Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 3)

Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 2)

Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 1)

ASAT Conference 2019: Ken Ramirez – Common Trainer Errors: How to avoid them and why we make them

ASAT Conference 2019: Barbara Heidenreich – Training to Improve Welfare of Orangutans in Borneo

ASAT Conference 2019: Alexandra Kurland – Listen

ASAT Conference 2019: Hannah Branigan – Close the Loop: Training reinforcement as behavior

ASAT Conference 2019: Emily Larlham – Sculpting the Cue

ASAT Conference 2019: Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz: Cues in Context

ASAT Conference 2019: Steve White: LOOK OUT! It’s a runaway chain: The how and why of problem chains.

ASAT Conference 2019: Dr. Joe Layng: Sequences of behavior: They are not always chains.

ASAT Conference 2019: Dr. Alliston Reid – From Behavior Chains to Behavioral Skills: Animals learn more than previously expected.

Getting Help: Strategies for Working with Traditional Trainers, Part 2.

Getting Help: Strategies for Working with Traditional Trainers, Part 1.

Warm-up Routines and the Power of Habit

ASAT Conference 2018: Ken Ramirez on “Problem Solving

ASAT Conference 2018: Dr. Julie S. Vargas on “B.F. Skinner’s Discovery of the Operant and of Shaping.”

Recommended Reading: Karen Pryor

The Book: Thoughts on Chapter 1: What is Clicker Training?

Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement: The Book

ASAT Conference 2018: Barbara Heidenreich on “Exotic Solutions to Exotic Animal Problems.”

ASAT Conference 2018: Emily Larlham on ” Using multiple markers to prevent mixed messages.”

ASAT Conference 2018: Steve White on “Keep Going Signals.”

ASAT Conference 2018: Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz on “How Movement Cycles Can Improve Your Shaping.”

ASAT Conference 2018: Ken Ramirez on “No Reward Markers (NRMs): Science and Practice

Cones, mats, poles and targets: Putting them to use in ground and ridden work to teach new behaviors and facilitate learning (October 2017)

Teaching Husbandry Behaviors with clicker training: Tooth inspection (October 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: Jesus Rosales-Ruiz – Premack and Freedom and Ken Ramirez – Teaching an Animal to say “no” (March 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz: “Conditioned Reinforcers are worth Maintaining (March 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: Dr. Paul Andronis: “Adjunctive Behavior, So What Else is Going On?” (March 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: Barbara Heidenreich: “Maintaining Behavior the Natural Way (March 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: More on Premack (March 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: Dr. Peter Killeen on “Skinner’s Rats, Pavlov’s Dogs, Premack’s Principles.” (March 2017)

ASAT Conference 2017: Duration (March 2017)

Marker Signals: Thinking Beyond the Click (Feb 2017)

First International Conference on Human Behavior Change for Animal Welfare: Theory of Change (Jan 2017)

A Training Stategy for Building Duration: Backchain it by Using a Terminal Behavior (October 2016)

Using Targeting to Build Confidence Outside the Ring (October 2016)

Aurora gets a bath: some tips on how to train your horse for husbandry behaviors (June 2016)

Superstitious Behavior (May 2016)

ClickerExpo 2016: Kay Laurence, “Hocus Focus: Helping your dog determine what’s important (April 2016)

ClickerExpo 2016: Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz, “The Quadrant Quandry: Clarity and Perspective on an Icon (April 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Steve Aibel on “Learning to Bond (March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Ken Ramirez on the “Conservation Connection – Training to Save Wildlife (March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Mary Hunter on “Good and Not-So-Good Paths to Learning(March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Kay Laurence on “Communicating Through Silence” (March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Ken Ramirez on “Bubble Rings and Beluga Whales” (March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Dr. Iver Iversen on “Selection and Creation Processes Involved in Shaping a Novel Behavior: Method and Theory” (March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Alexandra Kurland on “Feel- Art or Science?” (March 2016)

ASAT Conference 2016: Kay Laurence on “Micro-shaping” (March 2016)

ASAT 2016: Dr Joe Layng on Emotions (March 2016)

Do You Have a Cue for That? (February 2016)

Timing (January 2016)

10 Things I’ve Learned from Riding Clicker Trained Horses (January 2016)

Capturing Behavior (November 2015)

Body Part Targeting – Moving beyond nose targeting (October 2015)

Training with Base Position – Using this technique to train hoof handling (October 2015)

Fetch – A fun game and an introduction to behavior chains (September 2015)

Motivation  (September 2015)

Detective Work (February 2015)

Setting up for Success (February 2015)

Welcome (December 2014)