equine clicker training

using precision and positive reinforcement to teach horses and people

Chapter 11: Other First Behaviors

This page lists additional resources for the book “Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement.” I will be adding to this page as I have time. 

Can you put your head in it? This is a useful behavior for horses that are nervous about contact near the poll or ears. I often start with non-traditional objects.

Additional resources:

  • Head shy? A little exploration about how horses feel about us touching their heads. This is an older article that I wrote when I was first learning to clicker train, but I think the information is still relevant today. I want my horses to love it when I touch their heads and I take the time to teach them about all the different ways I might do it.


Rosie practicing square halts. I taught Rosie to stop and square herself up at the halt. This video shows our progress so far.

Rosie offering head down while I reload my pockets from a bucket. If you have to reload your pockets or treat pouch from another food reserve during a session, it’s worth teaching your horse to offer an acceptable behavior while you do it. This video shows Rosie about half way through the learning process. She offers head down, but I haven’t built much duration yet.