equine clicker training

using precision and positive reinforcement to teach horses and people

Chapter 2: Clicks, treats, …

… and what happens in between

This page lists additional resources for the book “Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement.” I will be adding to this page as I have time. 

Some types of clickers:

There are also fun clickers – not very practical but perhaps a good reminder that training should be fun.

Safe hand feeding

Finale takes treats very gently.


This clip shows a little study of hand feeding three of my horses. I made it to show how I can hold my hand and how carefully horses can learn to take treats.

In this clip, I show how to walk to the horse’s head for treat delivery. I want to present the food so that Aurora doesn’t have to bend around toward me.

Recommended reading/viewing:

Dr. Kellon’s blog on safe treats for horses