equine clicker training

using precision and positive reinforcement to teach horses and people

What can I train? Ideas from A to Z

In 2020, I started a series of blogs that contained training ideas, organized alphabetically. You can access the blogs here, or through the blog page. If you want to know what’s in each blog, you can find the index here.

What can you do with clicker training? Sometimes we are limited by traditional thinking or just need some new ideas. In this A to Z series, I’ll be sharing ideas for things to train. I’ve trained some, but not all of them, and will share links to resources for more information whenever possible. I hope this list inspires you and you can’t wait to go out and teach some new behaviors to your horses.

I’ll be adding to these posts over time when I have time and new material to share. In some cases, I have intentionally been brief because the topic cannot be covered appropriately in this format, but I wanted to mention it so you have more complete list of ideas for things to work on. If there is a topic that interests you, and you would like more information, let me know and I will consider writing a more detailed article on the subject.

The blogs are also available as an e-book. In the e-book, you can search the entire book at once and the links go directly to the blog entries, instead of the top of each blog. You can find the e-book here (on Amazon).