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ASAT Conference 2019: Steve White – LOOK OUT! It’s a runaway chain: The how and why of problem chains.

Steve White has worked in law enforcement and professional dog training for over 40 years. He specializes in teaching behavior modification, tracking, and scent work through the use of positive reinforcement-based operant conditioning. Steve’s presentation was about some of the practical aspects of using chains in the real world. It was a nice follow up to Dr. Reid’s description of work in the laboratory and Dr. Layng’s presentation on the […]

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ASAT Conference 2017: A summary of several presentations on duration

This year (2017) the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference had a theme for each day. On Saturday, the lectures focused on the Premack Principle and how reinforcement works. On Sunday, the focus was on how to effectively maintain behaviors. As you might expect, there were some interesting connections between different presentations, both across topics and between topics.Because of this, rather than write about each presentation separately, I am […]

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