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What can I train? M is for …

What can you do with clicker training? Sometimes we are limited by traditional thinking or just need some new ideas. In this A to Z series, I’ll be sharing ideas for things to train. I’ve trained some, but not all of them, and will share links to resources for more information whenever possible. I hope this list inspires you and you can’t wait to go out and teach some new […]

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Cones, mats, poles, and targets: Putting them to use in ground and ridden work to teach new behaviors and facilitate learning

Some of the most practical behaviors that I teach with clicker training are ones that involve the use of objects. These objects can function as prompts for specific behaviors, visual cues, or provide guidance for how to do other behaviors.  Because they are taught with positive reinforcement, they usually take on additional value (positive valence)through classical conditioning.  Clicker trained horses eagerly approach targets, mats and other physical items used as part […]

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A Training Strategy for Building Duration: Backchain it by using a terminal behavior.

Building duration is often a sticky point for many trainers. I know that I find it fun and easy to get behaviors started, but when it comes to building duration and adding stimulus control, it starts to feel a bit more like work. Part of this is because those two processes often involve withholding reinforcement for an existing behavior (which seems slightly unfair) and keeping better track of what you […]

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