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ASAT 2020: Alexandra Kurland – Shaping on a point of contact

This is the fifth in a series of posts based on my notes from the 2020 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference that was held in Hurst, Texas on February 22-23, 2020.  To learn more about the conference, you can visit the conference website. While I try to take accurate notes, it is possible that there are errors or that some detail is lacking.  If you post a comment or […]

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ASAT Conference 2019: Alexandra Kurland – Listen.

Alexandra Kurland has been clicker training horses since the early 1990s when she started exploring it with her own horses. Since then, she has written and produced a number of books, videos, and online resources about how to use clicker training with horses. Her focus is on using clicker training to improve relationships and to create a positive training environment where both horse and human students can excel. In this […]

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ASAT Conference 2017: More on The Premack Principle

In the last article, I wrote about the Premack Principle which states that: • Behaviors are reinforcers, not stimuli • More probable behaviors reinforce less probable behaviors. • Less probable behaviors punish more probable behaviors. What can I do with information? First, the idea of behaviors as reinforcers opens up many new possibilities for ways to reinforce behavior. And second, it means I need to pay more attention to the […]

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ASAT Conference 2017: A summary of several presentations on duration

This year (2017) the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference had a theme for each day. On Saturday, the lectures focused on the Premack Principle and how reinforcement works. On Sunday, the focus was on how to effectively maintain behaviors. As you might expect, there were some interesting connections between different presentations, both across topics and between topics.Because of this, rather than write about each presentation separately, I am […]

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ASAT Conference 2016: Alexandra Kurland on “Feel- Art or Science?”

These notes are a little different than the others. Instead of sharing all the details of Alex’s talk, she has asked me to give an overview and share a little bit about how becoming more aware of the small details of movement, in both myself and my horses, has helped in my training. Alex started by talking about excellence and where it comes from. Many of us were brought up […]

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