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ASAT Conference 2019: Barbara Heidenreich – Training to Improve Welfare of Orangutans in Borneo

Barbara Heidenreich is an animal training and behavior consultant specializing in avian, exotic and zoo animal training.  She travels and teaches all over the world and has been involved in many fascinating training projects. In past conferences, she has talked about her work as a consultant within the zoo and exotic animal community. At this conference she shared the work she has done with orangutans in Borneo. Orangutans have become […]

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ASAT Conference 2018: Barbara Heidenreich on “Exotic solutions to exotic animal problems.”

This is the fifth in a series of posts based on my notes from the 2018 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference that was held in Irving, Texas on March 24-25, 2018. While I try to take accurate notes, it is possible that there are errors or that some detail is lacking. If you post a comment or email me, I can try to clarify or provide some additional […]

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Teaching husbandry behaviors with clicker training: Tooth Inspection

Is your horse comfortable letting you look at his teeth? In the last few years, I’ve encountered a variety of teeth issues with my own horses and it has made me realize the importance of being able to check their teeth on a regular basis. Without special equipment, I can’t do a complete mouth exam, but I can check their incisors for uneven wear patterns or other signs that they […]

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ASAT Conference 2017: Barbara Heidenreich on “Maintaining Behavior the Natural Way.”

Barbara Heidenreich is a professional animal trainer who does extensive consulting with zoos and also works with individuals training many different species.  In her work as a consultant, she often finds herself in situations where she has cannot rely solely on food for reinforcement, so she has learned to identify and use non-food reinforcers of many different kinds. In her presentation, she shared some tips on finding and using non-food reinforcers.  This was a great follow-up […]

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Aurora gets a bath: Some tips on how to train your horse for husbandry behaviors

Using clicker training for husbandry and medical procedures is a great way to teach your horse to accept some of the routine, but less fun, aspects of handling as well as to prepare her for procedures that might involve some discomfort. We recently had a hot spell and I decided to spend a little time with Aurora in the wash stall, continuing with some work with the hose and bathing that […]

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ASAT Conference 2016: Steve Aibel on “Learning to Bond”

Learning to Bond:  The successful reintroduction of a beluga whale calf Steve started by talking a little bit about what animals need to thrive. He had a nice diagram (shaped like a triangle) with physical needs as the foundation, social needs in the middle and mental needs on top.   He said that animals that are not physically or socially comfortable are not ready to train.  A successful breeding program is […]

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Training with Base Position – Using this technique to train hoof handling

Last fall when I bought Aurora it was clear that getting her feet trimmed was a high priority. It was also clear that it was not something she was comfortable having done. I could sometimes ask for a foot and she would pick it up, but not with any consistency, and there was a lot of anxious body language.   Even if I could pick it up, she would then snatch […]

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