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Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 4)

This is the fourth blog in a six part series on teaching your horse to cooperate and participate in hoof handling. Tip 7: Take breaks This is the simplest tip, but probably one of the most important because I find it’s easy to become too goal oriented when working on hoof handling. There is often a sense of urgency, especially if the horse’s feet are in need of attention. But […]

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Hoof handling: 12 Tips for success (Part 1)

Being able to safely handle and take care of our horse’s feet is an essential part of good horsemanship. But it’s not always easy. Horses usually have a natural reluctance to allow their feet to be handled and restrained and can show their anxiety by moving around or kicking out. Or, the horse may have learned the opposite approach, which is to pretend he is made of concrete and keep […]

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