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ASAT Conference 2016: Alexandra Kurland on “Feel- Art or Science?”

These notes are a little different than the others. Instead of sharing all the details of Alex’s talk, she has asked me to give an overview and share a little bit about how becoming more aware of the small details of movement, in both myself and my horses, has helped in my training. Alex started by talking about excellence and where it comes from. Many of us were brought up […]

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Do You Have a Cue for That?

Last week I posted a video on my facebook page of Aurora learning the difference between targeting and manipulating an object, and it reminded me of something that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. This is the importance of making sure that each new behavior has its own cue, that the cue is regularly practiced, and that old behaviors don’t lose their cues when new behaviors are […]

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Capturing Behavior

In Kay Laurence’s IDTC class last year we took a closer look at capturing behavior.  I’ve always been intrigued by capturing behavior because it’s one of the advantages of clicker training and there are some behaviors that are easier to capture than to shape. A behavior is “captured” when the trainer marks and reinforces the animal for doing a complete behavior, instead of shaping the behavior in small steps.  In […]

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Detective Work

Back when the clickryder list was active on yahoo, people would often write in with their questions about clicker training horses. Sometimes those questions were about teaching new behaviors or “getting rid of” unwanted behaviors, but there were also questions about what to do when behavior deteriorated. These were questions like “my horse used to do this and now he doesn’t, what do I do?” The most common answer I would give is […]

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Setting up for Success

During one of the discussions in the Intelligent Dog Training Class with Kay Laurence, we talked about what the phrase “setting your animal up for success” means.   I went into the discussion with the limited idea that it was about planning my training session so the animal was likely to offer the behavior I wanted.   And yes, this is part of it. But what if I expand the idea to be […]

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