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ASAT Conference 2017: Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz on “Conditioned Reinforcers are Worth Maintaining.”

In this short presentation, Jesús Rosales-Ruiz revisited the question: “Do I have to treat every time I click?” He said that this question constantly comes up and that different trainers have different answers. Before I share the details of his presentation, I want to mention that he said he chose to use the words “click” and “treat” because he was trying to avoid using too much scientific jargon.    But, as he […]

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Marker Signals: Thinking Beyond the Click

Clicker training gets its name from the use of a clicker (or click) to mark behavior, but that doesn’t mean that a clicker is the only effective way to mark behavior. A clicker is just one of the most frequently used options because it is short, salient, and produces the same sound every time (mostly…). It also has the advantage that it’s a novel sound for most animals, so there are […]

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