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ASAT Conference 2019: Steve White – LOOK OUT! It’s a runaway chain: The how and why of problem chains.

Steve White has worked in law enforcement and professional dog training for over 40 years. He specializes in teaching behavior modification, tracking, and scent work through the use of positive reinforcement-based operant conditioning. Steve’s presentation was about some of the practical aspects of using chains in the real world. It was a nice follow up to Dr. Reid’s description of work in the laboratory and Dr. Layng’s presentation on the […]

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ASAT Conference 2019: Dr. Joe Layng – Sequences of Behavior: They are not always chains.

Dr. Joe Layng earned a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science (Biopsychology) from The University of Chicago, where he collaborated on research, working with pigeons, investigating the adduction of untrained complex symbolic behavior from simpler behavioral components. He has over 35 years of experience in the experimental and applied learning sciences with a particular focus on the design of instruction. His experiences working with both children and animals give him a unique […]

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ASAT Conference 2019: Dr. Alliston Reid – From Behavior Chains to Behavioral Skills: Animals learn more than previously expected.

Dr. Alliston Reid is a professor of psychology at Wofford College. His specialty is comparative cognition – understanding the basic mechanisms of learning and memory across species by studying the response-selection mechanism. He has been involved in multiple projects, including the work with Chaser, the border collie who learned over 200 words, and the popular rat basketball tournaments. One of his major interests has been looking at how animals learn […]

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