equine clicker training

using precision and positive reinforcement to teach horses and people

ASAT 2019: Dr. Joe Layng – Sequences of Behavior: They are not always chains.

Dr. Joe Layng earned a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science (Biopsychology) from The University of Chicago, where he collaborated on research, working with pigeons, investigating the adduction of untrained complex symbolic behavior from simpler behavioral components. He has over 35 years of experience in the experimental and applied learning sciences with a particular focus on the design of instruction. His experiences working with both children and animals give him a unique […]

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ASAT 2019: Dr. Alliston Reid – From Behavior Chains to Behavioral Skills: Animals learn more than previously expected.

Dr. Alliston Reid is a professor of psychology at Wofford College. His specialty is comparative cognition – understanding the basic mechanisms of learning and memory across species by studying the response-selection mechanism. He has been involved in multiple projects, including the work with Chaser, the border collie who learned over 200 words, and the popular rat basketball tournaments. One of his major interests has been looking at how animals learn […]

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Getting Help: Strategies for Working with Traditional Trainers (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two part series. If you haven’t read Part 1, I suggest you do so before continuing. Type and amount of reinforcement It’s a good idea to plan and practice your reinforcement strategy ahead of time. If your horse is used to being clicked and treated during a training session, but you can’t click and treat during a lesson, you need to decide how […]

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Getting Help: Strategies for Working with Traditional Trainers (Part 1)

I meet a lot of people who are clicker training, but also want to ride or compete in specific riding disciplines. These disciplines usually have a traditional training progression and most of the available resources explain how to develop your horse using negative reinforcement based methods. As clicker trainers, we may not choose to use some of the traditional methods, but we may still want to learn about and enjoy […]

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Warm-up Routines and The Power of Habit

This week it has been very cold and windy in Pennsylvania, but I’ve still managed to have some good rides on Rosie. Rosie is my almost 21 year old Dutch Warmblood mare and my primary riding horse. I’ve had her since she was 9 months old and started clicker training her when she was 2. We have a long history of working together and it has not always been easy, […]

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ASAT Conference 2018: Dr. Julie S. Vargas on “B.F. Skinner’s Discovery of the Operant and of Shaping.”

This is the sixth in a series of posts based on my notes from the 2018 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference that was held in Irving, Texas on March 24-25, 2018. While I try to take accurate notes, it is possible that there are errors or that some detail is lacking. If you post a comment or email me, I can try to clarify or provide some additional […]

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